It’s Sunday…and do u know what that means?! It’s PANCAKE TIME! I made pancakes this morning and they tasted pretty amazing, and they looked spectacular! I used my absolute favorite vegan buttermilk pancake recipe from Its seriously so DELICOUS! It tastes 10000x better than regular pancakes, and it’s super healthy!

I recommend to go and check out her blog for the recipe, I would post it but for copyright reasons and for the sake of credit, I am not going to!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday..or Monday if you live across the world. That’s so weird?! Some people are technically in the future..WHOOAAAA LOL!

Anyways, I guess you could say “pancake Sunday” should be in quotations because pancakes don’t have to be just eaten on Sunday. Let’s be real..In the summer I ate pancakes almost everyday, not even kidding on this one. They are so dang good!


Another one of my favorite pancake recipes is from @thrivingonplants If you don’t already know her or her Instagram, then do yourself a big favor and go check her out! WOW! Those pancakes are so incredibly easy (3-ingrediants) and super DELICOUS and MOIST!

And of course I’m going to mention my own recipe! I posted a pancake recipe of my own a few posts back and I am super proud of it!! It’s super moist, & chocolatey…heheh YUM! I recommend to go check it out and try it for yourself, it’s perfect for fall and super easy!

I hope you guys enjoyed my short blog post about PANCAKES! Because why not? There so good…and a little bit addicting 😉


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