banana bread recipe

Healthy Banana Bread {Vegan & Oil-free}

I posted a picture of my banana bread a little while ago and many of you said you wanted a written recipe…so here it is! 

This recipe is tied in with the collaboration I am having with JORD watches. If you came to this recipe via the collab post, then you already know about the $100 giveaway. If you don’t, then you can follow this link:

This banana bread is everything you dreamed of: Moist, fluffy, not overly sweet, and it is healthy so you can eat it anytime of day! 

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Helping the Environment Through Accessories? (My Favorite Sustainable Wooden Watch + Giveaway)

I try my best to not only eat sustainably but live sustainably. So, as soon as I find a brand whose message is to deliver sustainable, minimalistic products I am definitely interested.  Watches have been such a staple for me lately, as I have a pretty busy life. However, I don’t want to just throw on any old watch.

I want to be able to pair it with the simplest of outfits, or a night out. JORD creates such unique watches that are sourced from a variety of woods and can go with any outfit on any occasion. Their stunning wood options are like any other….

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