crispy tofu

Crispy Buffalo Tofu Pizza with Vegan Ranch

If you hear someone say tofu is boring and bland show them this recipe. I think their minds will be changed.

This ultra crispy baked tofu is tossed in a spicy vegan buffalo sauce. Thrown on a pizza crust with a creamy cashew-based ranch dressing. Finish it off with a sprinkle of fresh chives and more dressing of course. Trust me…this is a recipe that you will be thinking about for days. …

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Crispy Sesame Soy Tofu w/ Kaffir Lime Leave Pesto

Now I have to say it is pretty hard to make tofu actually taste good. Tofu is so bland as it is, and unless you make it really crispy and marinate it for a long time then it will just taste like a wet sponge. 

This recipe shows you that tofu can taste good and make you want to come back for more. By marinating it for at least an hour (longer is better, but I try to create easier recipes for you), crisping it up by baking AND pan-frying it, pairing it with a rich and delicious kaffir lime leave pesto….well it could not get better than that! 

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