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Ultra Crunchy & Chunky Granola

If you ever ask me what my late night snack is I will always say a bowl of homemade granola, vegan yogurt, and fresh berries. The perfect way to cure a sweet tooth and a healthy way to do it that’s for sure. 

This granola is super crunchy and clusters up perfectly. Only sweetened with maple syrup. Coconut oil is added to give a perfect golden brown color and extra crunch. With notes of coconut and vanilla. It is truly the perfect granola. …

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Gnocchi​ with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Have you tried ever tried gnocchi? They are essentially light, fluffy pillows of potato goodness. Usually made with 2 ingredients: flour and potatoes.  

I have made my own before and they turned out great, but to make this an easier recipe I used store-bought. Trust me, it was just as tasty! Tossed in a creamy roasted red pepper sauce and garnished with fresh parsley and red pepper flakes. …

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Buttery Almond-Orange Shortbread Cookies

Sometimes I have a sweet tooth and want to make cookies, but don’t have the energy to do so. However, these cookies can be made ahead of time. Just pop the prepared dough in the freezer, take them out when you need them, cut into slices, and pop them in the oven. THAT easy!

These cookies are ultra-buttery, crunchy, and slightly crumbly. Just how a traditional shortbread cookie is supposed to be! With delicious citrus notes from the orange zest and a nutty flavor from the sliced almonds & extract.

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Basil Ricotta Lasagna in a Mug

Lasagna in a mug?! That’s right! and it’s absolutely delicious! This is a perfect recipe for college or high school students who don’t have time to wait for the lasagna to cook in the oven or don’t want to make a huge batch.  

This recipe doesn’t call for any fancy or hard to find ingredients, most of them should already be in your pantry. Just make sure you have that fresh basil on hand because it adds such a delicious fresh flavor to this dish. 

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Healthy Almond Butter Tahini Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins have won my dad over and I couldn’t count how many times he said, 
“Yum…” let’s just say too many to count. These were so easy to whip up and a great guilt-free dessert if you are having some late night cravings. 

The combination of tahini and chocolate is absolutely delicious. If you haven’t tried tahini…you are truly missing out. It is a great nut butter to go in sweet & savory dishes! 

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Salted Date Caramel Cookies

I have been on a roll….3 recipes within the last 48 hours?! I have had so much more time in the kitchen since school has got out, so get used to regular recipe posting. Hopefully I won’t gain too much weight taste testing all my recipes LOL….but it’s all about balance am I right? 

Here is another recipe coming your way and I have to say these cookies came out beautifully!

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