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Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

If you haven’t already checked out my Mac n’ Cheese Broccoli Bake then you’re missing out. This recipe is the same cheese sauce I used in that post…but I think a basic Mac n’ Cheese deserves its own post. It is just that good! 

A gooey and ultra creamy cashew-based vegan cheese sauce with a hint of smokiness. The perfect 30-minute meal for a weeknight that will stun your family members and yourself. Can never go wrong with a bowl of mac n’ cheese. …

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Polenta Two Ways: Creamy + Grilled

That creamy corn stuff that you usually call grits? A classic southern dish loaded with butter, cream, and salt? Nope, not that recipe here! Polenta and grits are not the same thing and originate almost on opposite sides of the world. Grits is a classic southern dish, while polenta is an Italian staple. 

Polenta can be prepared and plated in a whole variety of ways, as the corn doesn’t have a prominent taste so you can serve almost anything with it! It can be cooked on the stove top, baked, grilled, pan-fried…you name it. 

Polenta is a perfect food that can be prepared ahead of time and result in more than just one meal. That is why I decided to show you two ways you can prepare polenta (or fine cornmeal) and create two stunning and delicious dishes! 

One is super creamy, silky, and smooth topped with roasted garlic tomatoes & crunchy Italian-spiced chickpeas. The other is firmer and grilled to perfection. Topped with smoky mushrooms, and drizzled with a bit of truffle oil. That is what I call a menu! 

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Crispy Sesame Soy Tofu w/ Kaffir Lime Leave Pesto

Now I have to say it is pretty hard to make tofu actually taste good. Tofu is so bland as it is, and unless you make it really crispy and marinate it for a long time then it will just taste like a wet sponge. 

This recipe shows you that tofu can taste good and make you want to come back for more. By marinating it for at least an hour (longer is better, but I try to create easier recipes for you), crisping it up by baking AND pan-frying it, pairing it with a rich and delicious kaffir lime leave pesto….well it could not get better than that! 

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Asian Noodle Stir Fry w/ Lemon Peanut Sauce

I didn’t realize how many lemon recipes I had on my blog till I felt like I have written “lemon” in my blog post title numerous times before…oops! I guess I have a thing for lemons. 

This is a deliciously perfect recipe to make on weekdays, as it’s super simple and most of the ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

Flavorful buckwheat soba noodles paired with a light, slightly zesty & creamy lemon peanut sauce. The crunch of the chopped toasted peanuts, crunchy baked tofu, and hints of sesame are some of the perfect additions to this dish.

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