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Vegan Fig Bars | Oil-free & Healthy

So these last couple of weeks have been crazy! Full of mini trips and vacations and getting into the swing of my summer schedule. I HAVE had time to create many recipes, but NO time to actually post them….This recipe I actually made a month ago and finally I am posting it. So get excited for 2 more recipes coming soon after this because I still haven’t posted them LOL.

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Double Chocolate Nut balls

I always crave something sweet right before or after I workout so I wanted to try to create something that would take less than 10 min. to make and would taste like a dessert! This really hit the spot!!

I kinda try to stay away from a lot of nuts due to their high amount of fat in them, but I have realized that I am restricting myself from certain foods if I am doing that and I am not about a restrictive lifestyle. Its important to indulge in treats like these and too not be too hard on yourself/deprive yourself of foods you love! I love nuts and I love making treats with them, and I don’t want to restrict myself from eating them….

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