Vegan Low Fat, Oil-Free Protein Bar

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! So lately I have been constantly searching for the perfect healthy, low fat, oil-free energy/protein bar and I just couldn’t find the right one! So I just thought….screw it LOL I am making my own recipe!

This recipe turned out soooo good, and the ingredients are so much better then the other recipes I have found. Of course, its always up to your preference, but this bar is very versatile and can be suited for your needs šŸ™‚

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Easy Vegan Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Wow, what a long title…but don’t let that pull you away from this delicious treat!! I have yet to post a vegan cookie recipe on my blog yet, so here it is! Whipped these up in less than an hour last weekend and I couldn’t resist posting a recipe for them. Ya know when you have that feeling when you’re all comfy and just need a warm cookie and a glass of milk (plant-based of course!)….well this is that cookie!…

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Simple & Healthy Granola Recipe

If you don’t know….I am obsessed with granola, oats, you name it. I put it on vegan yogurt, with milk, and of course my smoothie bowls/nicecream. I love getting that perfect crunch to my food, and granola always does the job.

I always put a crap ton of raw oats on my smoothie bowls….because for some reason it always gives the perfect texture. Today I actually processed a bowl full of some oats in my food processor just so I could top it on my smoothie bowl. Its ridiculous how much I put on LOL. …

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The Best Vegan Brownies!

If you don’t know, I am a chocoholic…yes I admit. I absolutely love dark chocolate and the fact that its vegan makes me so incredibly happy! Sadly, most chocolate recipes like, cakes, cookies, muffins & brownies are not vegan….so why not make some vegan brownies of my own? I was in the mood for something to cure that sweet tooth and I think these brownies did just the trick….and more!! …

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Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping is by far one of my favorite parts of the week, not gonna lie. Coming back home, unloading the groceries, and filling your cupboards and fridge with an abundance of yummy food just satisfies my afternoon.

Not everything about grocery shopping is all good and dandy. Sometimes its stressful, whether you have a budget or you’re trying to eat healthy. For me, I struggle with buying too expensive of groceries and I have found a way that helps me with buying cheap items, but still making it relatively organic and of course…VEGAN! …

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Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie

OMG! LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time no blog post! Wow..Its been over a month since I last posted a blog. I have had so much going on in my life that I haven’t had time to post a new recipe, but here I am!

I know its a little late, and thanksgiving was a few weeks ago but I decided to post this recipe anyways because its so deliciously GOOD! <3

I hope your guys thanksgiving was as good as mine and you were stuffed with delicious food!…

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It’s Sunday…and do u know what that means?! It’s PANCAKE TIME! I made pancakes this morning and they tasted pretty amazing, and they looked spectacular! I used my absolute favorite vegan buttermilk pancake recipe fromĀ Its seriously so DELICOUS! It tastes 10000x better than regular pancakes, and it’s super healthy!

I recommend to go and check out her blog for the recipe, I would post it but for copyright reasons and for the sake of credit, I am not going to!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday..or Monday if you live across the world. That’s so weird?! Some people are technically in the future..WHOOAAAA LOL! …

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Friday Night Sushi Sesh!!

Friday nights (or the weekend) are the nights everyone looks forward too. Sitting in class all week is a pain so I can’t wait for long nights with friends (or staying up binge watching Netflix..LOL). OOOHH! This is the time where I give you a mini life lesson right?! You got that right. Here ya go…

HOW TO HAVE A BETTER WEEK TIP #1: If your having a bad week and everything seems to be going wrong, its best if you constantly have a positive mindset and know that things are going to better. From experience, I know that negative things in my life won’t last forever. This moment, this week, in your life is seriously a teeny-tiny fraction of your lifetime. Bad things won’t last if you don’t let them last. THINK POSITIVE! Know that you are better than this….

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Healthy Raspberry Jam Filled Chocolate Muffins

I took a day off of school today because I was extremely tired from a long drive home after a long weekend so I spent the day sleeping and of course…MAKING FOOD! Experimenting in the kitchen is obviously my favorite thing to do especially when I am bored or tired, it always wakes me up and keeps me going.

If you’re ever bored…just do something you enjoy doing! It will make your day and help you get into the best mood! I always seem to go on the internet or spend my free time doing things that are way too lazy LOL! So what better way to spend my time then creating these amazing delectable desserts!! <3 …

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Simple Vegan Pasta

I feel like I haven’t POSTED IN FOREVER! Its only been a couple days, but that feels like forever for me…so sorry šŸ™ Ā I am back!! I am not going to be able to post any recipesĀ this weekend because I am going on a little trip, but I will definitely be posting my updates/what I am doing/tips/etc. LOL!

I have been and always will be obsessed with PASTA! Its seriously so delicious and you have no regrets about eating it when its filled with nutritious plant-based foods. So…SAY BYE BYE TO THOSE REFINED WHEAT PASTAS and say HELLO TO HEALTHYĀ DELICIOUSNESS!! <3 …

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