vegan breakfast recipe

Ultra Crunchy & Chunky Granola

If you ever ask me what my late night snack is I will always say a bowl of homemade granola, vegan yogurt, and fresh berries. The perfect way to cure a sweet tooth and a healthy way to do it that’s for sure. 

This granola is super crunchy and clusters up perfectly. Only sweetened with maple syrup. Coconut oil is added to give a perfect golden brown color and extra crunch. With notes of coconut and vanilla. It is truly the perfect granola. …

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Easy Vegan French Toast

Now, this isn’t your traditional vegan french toast made with mashed banana…we are not going that healthy route. This recipe is as close as the real deal as you can get. 

Super fluffy inside texture with a golden brown crispy crust. Sweetened with a touch of maple syrup and topped with all the goods. Of course, you can’t forget the dusting of powdered sugar. 

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