vegan mac n cheese

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

If you haven’t already checked out my Mac n’ Cheese Broccoli Bake then you’re missing out. This recipe is the same cheese sauce I used in that post…but I think a basic Mac n’ Cheese deserves its own post. It is just that good! 

A gooey and ultra creamy cashew-based vegan cheese sauce with a hint of smokiness. The perfect 30-minute meal for a weeknight that will stun your family members and yourself. Can never go wrong with a bowl of mac n’ cheese. …

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Vegan Mac n’ Cheese Broccoli Bake

Who knew that as a vegan you could indulge in a big bowl of mac n cheese without consuming any dairy? This recipe is by far the best mac n cheese I have had and it’s so simple. 

This recipe is for vegan mac n cheese, but throw in some breadcrumbs and broccoli, bake, and you got yourself a delicious cheesy broccoli pasta bake! Two recipes in one blog post…yum!

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