vegan pasta recipe

Easy + Creamy Avocado Pasta

I love pasta…like a lot, but sometimes I feel that I am always making the same sauces. Basic tomato, alfredo, or pesto. So why not throw an avocado in the blender, add a few other ingredients, blend, and create an ultra creamy and delicious sauce to pour over your favorite noodles? I am in!

This avocado pasta is super easy: only requires a blender & saucepan, takes 15 min. or less, but still tastes like you tried way harder than that….

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Lemon Orzo with Crispy Sage

A new recipe already? That’s right! I am spending my day in the kitchen making some homemade focaccia bread to pair with some homemade tomato soup for dinner.

As for a lunch, I decided to go for orzo. I haven’t made orzo in so long and I have been meaning to make some crispy sage, so this was a perfect combination! 

Lemon + mint + pine nuts + crispy sage = the best flavor combination 

It is rich, nutty, and slightly tangy which results in a melt in your mouth goodness. 

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