Hey, my name is Taavi!  I am 17 years old and my passion is to cook nutritious, vegan food! Here on my blog you will find delicious recipes of my own, tips and resources for how to love your body from the inside out, and how to make your vegan life easier. Also occasional updates on my vegan journey.

So…Why did I start a blog?
It all started in 2015, when I decided to go vegan in hopes of improving my body from past habits of unhealthy eating. Throughout my journey I have discovered that not only does vegan food make my tastebuds happy, but reap nutritional benefits as well. Thriving on these wholesome ingredients have opened my eyes to how the body should really be treated. Eating nothing but plants has never felt better.
Shortly after making my switch to veganism, with input and encouragement from my mom, I created a blog. I was constantly in the kitchen whipping up my own recipes, and I could now have a platform where they could be shared. This seemed like a great idea to fill up my spare time and do something that I loved. Over time I developed a deep love for recipe development and food photography and I love the aspect of sharing how nutritious vegan food can be for your mind, body, and soul.
I created this blog with a primary goal of helping people recognize not only the benefits of veganism, but also to help them to see that it’s a fun and exciting way to live. Veganism has such a stereotypical reputation in terms of only consuming bland, and unseasoned meals, and no indulgences whatsoever…sounds pretty boring right? I want to speak through my recipes and tear down those stereotypes and share how delicious and fulfilling vegan meals can actually be. I never knew how eating foods that are both sustainable and satisfying could have such a life-changing impact on my life. 




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