Hey there! My name is Taavi Moore, Registered Dietitian and passionate Food Blogger. My passion for nutrition and feeding the body with nourishing foods and ALL foods has translated into my love for sharing delicious recipes – found right here on my blog.

I am a firm believe in the non-diet approach and intuitive eating.

So…Why did I start a blog?

It all started in 2015, when I decided to incorporate more plant-forward foods into my diet. Throughout my journey, I have discovered that not only do those foods make my tastebuds happy, but they reap nutritional benefits as well.

With input and encouragement from my mom, I created a blog. I was always in the kitchen whipping up my own recipes, so why not create a platform where they could be shared. Over time, I developed a love for recipe development, food photography, and sharing the enjoyment of all foods.

I created this blog with the primary goal of showing how exciting and tasty plant-forward cooking can be!

IMPORTANT Disclaimers:

  1. While majority of the recipes on my website are plant-based, I encourage you to use ingredients that align with your lifestyle. This may look like substituting flax eggs for eggs, non-dairy milk for dairy, opting for all-purpose flour in the select GF recipes on my blog, and so on. Do note that substitutions may lead to varying outcomes.
  2. I do not include nutritional facts on my website, because numbers (calories, macronutrient amounts, etc) can be triggering and sensitive for some individuals and I want my blog to be a safe space that encourages the enjoyment of food. I do not believe in calorie counting and making your food choices based on numbers. If you need to know the certain amount of x nutrient in a recipe, then I encourage you to discover that yourself.
  3. I believe in a non-diet and intuitive eating approach. Thus, I try to stray away from diet culture language. However, some of my old recipes may include sensitive language because I wasn’t educated on the topic back then. Be patient with me as I update old recipes to reflect my current values.