Hey there! My name is Taavi Moore and I am a dietetics student in Seattle. My passion for nutrition and feeding the body with good food has translated into my love for sharing healthy, wholesome recipes – found right here on my blog.

So…Why did I start a blog?

It all started in 2015 when I decided to follow a plant-based diet in hopes of improving my body from past habits of unhealthy eating. Throughout my journey, I have discovered that not only does plant-based food make my tastebuds happy, but it reaps nutritional benefits as well.

With input and encouragement from my mom, I created a blog. I was always in the kitchen whipping up my own recipes, so now I had a platform where they could be shared. Over time, I developed a love for recipe development, food photography, and sharing the enjoyment of nutritious food.

I created this blog with the primary goal of showing how exciting and nutritious plant-based cooking can be.

I never knew how eating foods that are both sustainable and delicious could have such a life-changing impact on my life. 

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