Healthy Snacks

Chewy Quinoa Tahini Energy Bars

I am a major snacker…and sometimes that can be unhealthy depending on what I choose to snack on. That is why I always try to have some type of homemade energy bars or bites stored in my freezer. 

Let me tell you. These energy bars are addicting! A chewy and sweet bar embedded with a variety of seeds, such as pumpkin seeds, black and white sesame seeds, and chia seeds. Also some puffed quinoa and sweetness from dates and maple syrup. The secret ingredient that makes it taste 10x better? Tahini! It may sound disgusting, but trust me on this. It will make your world go round. …

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Homemade & Healthy Fig Bars

The title of this recipe may sound familiar and that is because this was one of the first few recipes I had posted on my blog. I recently made them last week to take on a road trip to Oregon and I altered the recipe a bit. Well…they turned out a lot better than the first time and I had to update the recipe.

They are softer in texture…not quite like a cookie more of a biscuit. 

A few tsps of orange zest & a tsp of orange juice paired nicely with the fig filling making it perfectly sweet and slightly tangy. 

Kid you not…I could of eaten the whole batch, but surprisingly they are filling which makes them perfect to bring on a long road trip like I did! 

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Vegan Low Fat, Oil-Free Protein Bar

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! So lately I have been constantly searching for the perfect healthy, low fat, oil-free energy/protein bar and I just couldn’t find the right one! So I just thought….screw it LOL I am making my own recipe!

This recipe turned out soooo good, and the ingredients are so much better then the other recipes I have found. Of course, its always up to your preference, but this bar is very versatile and can be suited for your needs 🙂

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