Creamy Garlic Pasta with Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Tomatoes

I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, but if you give me some fresh from the market bursting with flavor and juices then I will eat them any day. As soon as you throw them in a creamy pasta I am all over them. 

Pasta shells tossed in a creamy garlic white sauce paired with blistered, roasted cherry tomatoes and charred roasted Brussel sprouts. With fresh garlic and zesty lemon notes….

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Raspberry Almond Coconut Bars

When life gives you raspberries you make a dessert…because simply just eating them alone isn’t enough. I gotta say I have a sweet tooth.

Picked up a whole crate of freshly picked raspberries from my local fruit/veggie market and I almost ate 2 boxes before we even got home.

Paired this delectable & juicy berry jam with a soft and delicate almond base, crunchy sliced almonds, and toasted coconut.

The perfect breakfast bar!…

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Easy Vegan Falafels with Tzatziki​ Sauce

There is nothing better than freshly made pita bread. Soft and pillowy and freshly warm. Pair it with a delicious falafel recipe, tzatziki sauce, and some fresh veggies and you got yourself the perfect vegan greek gyro. 

A crunchy golden brown outer layer with a soft moist flavorful filling…these falafels are to die for. Paired with a creamy yogurt-based greek tzatziki sauce and crunchy fresh veggies. …

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Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

If you haven’t already checked out my Mac n’ Cheese Broccoli Bake then you’re missing out. This recipe is the same cheese sauce I used in that post…but I think a basic Mac n’ Cheese deserves its own post. It is just that good! 

A gooey and ultra creamy cashew-based vegan cheese sauce with a hint of smokiness. The perfect 30-minute meal for a weeknight that will stun your family members and yourself. Can never go wrong with a bowl of mac n’ cheese. …

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Garlic Scape Pesto Socca Flatbread

As summer approaches it is time to start making dinners with fresh summer veggies. Pesto immediately calls my name during this time of year. So what better way than to lather it on some flatbread, toss some veggies on, and sprinkle with a bit of zaatar…yes please! 

The light, zesty, and creamy pesto pairs perfectly with the crispy chickpea flatbread. Topped with tender blanched asparagus and peas. Garnished with red pepper flakes, zaatar, and fresh crisp sprouts. …

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Rhubarb Crumble | Healthy & Gluten-free

Rhubarb season is finally here and I have been constantly getting requests from family members to take advantage of the delicious vegetable. 

I am currently trying to do a refined sugar-free week with my dad, and so far so good. I love to bake so I don’t want that restriction to inhibit my ability to bake sweet treats. So this recipe is completely refined sugar-free, gluten-free, but still so delicious! 

A juicy, sweet rhubarb filling topped with a nutty and crispy oat crumble. 

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30-minute Black Bean Fajita Tacos w/ Cabbage Slaw

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite type of meal to cook is my answer is always tacos. Why? Because the combinations are endless, they are so easy, and always end up tasting absolutely delicious! 

I already have a taco recipe on my blog w/ lentil meat, cashew sour cream, and a cilantro green sauce. So, if you haven’t already checked that out I encourage you to because it is definitely a hit! 

These tacos take 30-minutes OR less and require easy readily available ingredients. The combination of the acidity from the slaw, the heartiness from the beans, and sauteed fajita veggies make for a mouthwatering delectable taco. …

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Caramel Vanilla Bean Cookie Slices (Gluten-free, Refined-sugar free)

I was a bit hesitant on making this recipe, as I have never experiment with gluten-free baking before, but it turned out way better than I expected! These Caramel Vanilla Bean Cookie Slices are too die for and I was holding myself back from eating the whole batch. 

The vanilla bean in the cashew filling is so rich and decadent that it pairs perfectly with the blondie. The date caramel filling is actually leftovers from my last recipe I posted!

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Vegan Snickers Bar Recipe | EASY AND DELICIOUS!

Yes you heard it right….A vegan snickers bar recipe! I was so pumped to share this recipe with all of you, because it is so amazingly good! What’s better then chocolate and caramel?!

I have seen tons of vegan snickers bar recipes out there, but all of them were the same. I have never been a huge fan of date caramel, which is essentially dates and water blended up into a paste. I know it’s a healthier route when making vegan treats, but I wanted to get that real snickers bar taste. So I went on the handy dandy internet and searched up a real vegan caramel recipe and I came across, “PALEO CARAMEL SAUCE” by It was the perfect caramel recipe, super sticky, sweet, and relatively healthy ingrediants. 

Real snickers bar have that gooey and sweet caramel that pulls apart when you bite into it and that was exactly what I needed. Trust me…this recipe does just that.

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